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Ragdolls love to be with their people they are known to follow their people everywhere around the house, into bathrooms, and at bed time they often want to sleep with their people. Ragdolls do well with children as they are such a docile breed of cats and don't mind being handled by little hands that are not as strong or supportive as an adult. They are easily maintained when it comes to grooming as they don't have a true "undercoat" so their shedding is minimal. Some that experience severe allergies to cat dander don't have near the problems due to the dander not being in the Ragdolls undercoat because there is no undercoat. Ragdolls get along well with other animals and often truly love dogs. 

This sweet baby girl has an awesome home here in Boise and even has a cat brother.

If you are looking for a soft, gentle and affectionate friend to play with, hold, love and love you back, Desert Ragdolls has the new addition to your family.  Take a look at our available ragdoll kittens for sale in Idaho located near Seattle, Washington, and you will find a loving, beautiful kitten to fall in love with. 

Desert Ragdolls has planned breedings with our variety of kings and queens and many different colors. We have kittens that showcase colors and patterns of all kinds, though they are all undeniably adorable.  Ragdoll kittens are very loving and they become attached to all family members in the home.  With soft, fuzzy bodies and affectionate personalities, it is impossible not to fall in love with your Ragdoll kitty.  All cats are registered with TICA as purebred and kittens may appear in chocolate, seal, seal point, blue point, flame point, torties, tortie point, lilac, cream, blue, flame mink or even sepia colors. 

Take a look at our available ragdoll kittens for sale to find your new best friend.  If you are looking for a particular pattern, color or gender let us know, and we will be happy to help you find the ideal match.

Located in BOISE, IDAHO 

Desert Ragdolls 

This little boy picked a wonderful family to go to and they absolutely love him...are you ready to own your very own RAGDOLL ?

Lacey and Tilly were our first Ragdoll loves. Lacey is a Blue Bi-Color and Tilly is a Chocolate Tortie. We didn’t decide right away to begin breeding until we went over to Sharon’s house (breeder and mentor) for one of the births of her beautiful Ragdoll’s babies after seeing those adorable babies born,I so wanted to breed too.

Breeding is a labor of love because we get to watch kittens grow and place them in happy homes. We love making people happy and these beautiful Ragdolls sure know how to do that.​
We are proud to be loving ragdoll kitten breeders.

​​Why we Began

Our family is a proud Christian family to 3 grown children and 2 young children, 2 standard poodles, 1 French bulldogs, and our beautiful Ragdolls.  They have become a huge part of our life which is why we started our cattery.

We began with Lacey and Chantilly “Tilly” and couldn’t believe what sweet natured animals they are, especially for cats. Often times cats are aloof, they do what they want, you call them they walk the other way…not Ragdolls they love their people.

More than ever their people love them.


When you want to add a new kitten Ragdoll Kittens will be your best friend...

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